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  Isn't it the plain and simple truth? Visit the "Sagacity" Collection: http://abrahamadams.com/collections/all/sagacity Have a Graduate this year? Have a birthday gift in mind?  Anniversary?  Retirement?  The Sagacity Collection might work and I hope it does. But if not, send me your thoughts and we'll create your art: http://abrahamadams.com/collections/all/aaa-coasters-your-images  

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It's winter and while you've been hibernating Abraham has been doing a little of his own.  Just a little . . . recently he started to stir with the Las Vegas Collection.  More recently, the "Sagacity" Collection was added and brought the Gallery up to 24 Collections. Have a birthday coming up?  Anniversary?  Retirement?  You will surely find an image to match the occasion.  And if you don't find one here, think of one of you're own and we'll make YOUR image YOUR art.  Go to Shop>AAA Coasters - Your Images! Collection.  Ordering on line is easy.  Have a fear...

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Added Vegas

Abraham is in Hibernation but slowly waking up.  A recent trip to Vegas did a good job of shaking me out of a deep sleep . . . good to get the camera back in my hands. This Collection will likely work just like any of the other 23 Collections i.e. as a gift for that individual that has a special interest in the subject matter. I'll bet you know someone who likes this subject matter but is difficult to buy for, and wager these images offer needed assistance.  Will be returning someday . . . there are more images...

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Last Stand

Abraham's Last Stand will be set up this Sunday at the Interstate Center.  Wow, it's going to be kind of cold for that, no? No, because we'll all be inside so come on in! http://www.thirdsundaymarket.com/ A brief breakdown: Antiques, collectibles, and crafts at a Sale that is now 27 years old and has become a staple stand for over 450 dealers from 17 states.  Are you ready for Christmas?  It will be in the air this Sunday and while the traditional stores are great, this is a different atmosphere for finding a unique gift.  Will it have more meaning Christmas...

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BHS Craft Show

Abraham will be at the BHS Craft Show . . . this is a good one with all handmade items (no vendors).  I believe the vendors attend shows at NCHS and NCWHS but not here so if you want something truly unique, see you there. http://www.bhscraftshow.com/ I'll be located in the main entry area, right in front of the library (same spot as last year). Did I say see you there? Stop in and say hey.  I like that.

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