Classic Memorabilia

Added more functional art this week: the Classic Memorabilia Collection which is a gallery of images representing who we are and where we've been.  Face it, there's only one Golden Gate Bridge and it's on our west coast.

But this isn't just about us . . . the grand tower built by Mr. Eiffel stands in Paris and - if you're like me - it calls us to come see it.  At least once in your lifetime, go see it.

The same can be said for other images in this Collection, although we'll never see Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles!  Still some are great spots we hope to visit, and some are great memories we still like to visit . . . if only in our minds.

Do you have your own image of a Classic?  You know what to do: e-mail me the image and I'll put my eye to work.

Have had some folks in my booth lately talking Christmas . . . good for them . . . it will make that great time of year less hectic if you use Father Time well and shop early!  If you have tiles you've bought from me in the past, consider frames or stands . . . the frames aren't on my website but just e-mail me or visit me at the Farmer's Market (I'm usually there, although not always) or the 3rd Sunday Market at the Interstate Center. 

Both are worth your time!

Won't be long . . .

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