Market - Nope and Yep

This week Abraham will be taking a pass on the Farmer's Market but will be available at the 3rd Sunday Market at our Interstate Center.

Forecast looks about perfect on Sunday - 74 and 0% chance of rain.  Time to get ahead on your Christmas shopping to ease the pain later and with 450 Vendors you'll likely find something you need!

Some items you might find useful if you've purchased from me in the past:

Coaster trays - imagine wrought iron - $12 - if you have your coasters stacked up this is a nice way to stack them in an organized fashion(able) way.

Easels - although my stands are an inexpensive way to display, I have some ornate easels that add a touch of class to things.

Frames - you may have your coasters stacked up and are tired of them just sitting around.  Frames get them moving . . . from your end table to your wall.  Which wall?  I can't answer that.

Hope to see you at 3rd Sunday!  As you enter, take an immediate left and I'll be there on Tent Row.


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