It's always nice to get nice feedback from nice people about their nice experience:

I just want to Thank You for the nice gift for my husband. It meant alot to him. We have put it in a stand by his other Marine gifts. These are very nice gifts and I will remember this for Christmas gifts for my family and will tell friends about them.


I just wanted to let you know that my parents loved the tiles. Thank you very much!


Awesome.  Thanks again. Those are sharp and the wife will like.


I have admired your work for quite a while at various would be wonderful featuring your coasters at our shop!


Thanks for processing the order. Everything seemed to work very smoothly with the online check-out.


It's such a hard decision they all look amazing.


That's wonderful! Thank you so much!


These look awesome! Let's go with the first option.


Abraham will be at the following venues this Fall:

3rd Sunday Market - Interstate Center - October 18th

Lori Lenahan Christmas Craft Show - October 22-24 (more details later)

BHS Band Aides Craft Show - November 7th

3rd Sunday Market - Interstate Center - November 15th


This year make it happen: find that old photo or that current digital and let's create that Keepsake.  I tell my customer friends all the time that "Hey, I have a million images, but none of them are as good as yours." 

It's personal, custom . . . I'll handle the creative part.

Starting a great time of year!  Have to enjoy every day.

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