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This week - Thursday thru Saturday Noon - Abraham will be set up at the residence of Lori Lenahan. The occasion?  Her 22nd annual Holiday Craft Show with interesting gifts supplied by 10 local artisans. I like being part of this intimate, cozy Show because the items there are quite unique.  Huh?  Halloween and Christmas items up-cycled from antique quilts and vintage textiles . . . baby gifts galore . . . American Girl Doll clothes . . . handmade jewelry and purses . . . handmade holiday cards . . . handmade baskets . . . and more. Of...

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3rd Sunday

Abraham will be at the next to the last 3rd Sunday Market this weekend at the Interstate Center in Bloomington: http://www.thirdsundaymarket.com/ The weather forecast is good and hey, it's time to think about that unique gift for those folks you've been buying for (for years and now it's decision-making time).  I might be able to help so stop out and see the Collections in action: Cubs, Cardinals . . . other Sports teams like the Cowboys and the Chiefs. Chicago coasters . . . local images of BN . . . Allerton Park, Funk's Grove. Our military is well-represented with...

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I was pondering if it's my goal to create something unique and distinctive, or do I just create and let the chips fall where they may?  It's likely a little of both and with nearly 700 images, the chips fall in all categories along the acceptance spectrum.  This week I shot the Chicago subway system . . . both below grade and above . . . and captured some images that represent that unique, distinctive system.  What would Chicago be without the elevated train system we all love and know as "The L"?  It would be something less. == If...

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It's always nice to get nice feedback from nice people about their nice experience: I just want to Thank You for the nice gift for my husband. It meant alot to him. We have put it in a stand by his other Marine gifts. These are very nice gifts and I will remember this for Christmas gifts for my family and will tell friends about them. == I just wanted to let you know that my parents loved the tiles. Thank you very much! == Awesome.  Thanks again. Those are sharp and the wife will like. == I have admired...

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Market - Nope and Yep

This week Abraham will be taking a pass on the Farmer's Market but will be available at the 3rd Sunday Market at our Interstate Center.  www.thirdsundaymarket.com Forecast looks about perfect on Sunday - 74 and 0% chance of rain.  Time to get ahead on your Christmas shopping to ease the pain later and with 450 Vendors you'll likely find something you need! Some items you might find useful if you've purchased from me in the past: Coaster trays - imagine wrought iron - $12 - if you have your coasters stacked up this is a nice way to stack them...

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