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Classic Memorabilia

Added more functional art this week: the Classic Memorabilia Collection which is a gallery of images representing who we are and where we've been.  Face it, there's only one Golden Gate Bridge and it's on our west coast. But this isn't just about us . . . the grand tower built by Mr. Eiffel stands in Paris and - if you're like me - it calls us to come see it.  At least once in your lifetime, go see it. The same can be said for other images in this Collection, although we'll never see Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles! ...

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While I have many customers that require shipping, I have many that do not i.e. they simply stop by, pick up their order off my front porch, and leave with the goods.  If you are one of those but still want to order on-line, please do.  You get the convenience of paying electronically and I simply waive the shipping charges. What you'll pay: coasters + tax.  This is new since I've always "absorbed the tax" but - in the example of the standard coaster - if you buy from me on the streets you'll pay $12 and I pay the...

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Local Schools

Won't be at the Market this weekend but AM in process of adding images of our local schools (here in Bloomington-Normal).  From Resilience by Eric Greitans: "We flourish when we grow and thrive.  We flourish when we become what we are capable of becoming."   Hey, find your Abraham and flourish! 

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