Within all of us is an Abraham Adams

I create coasters using my gift of photography, but Within all of us is an Abraham Adams. 


We're all endowed with something that makes us unique . . . be it a knack for photography or the ability to understand the inner workings of an engine or perhaps you can simply pick up a musical instrument and play.  You never needed a formal education to do what you do.  You just know it.  And that thing?  That's your Abraham.

My name is not Abraham Adams; rather, it's the name I give to your inner genius to cook, sing, do gymnastics or understand advanced physics.  It's your nature and hopefully you've heeded it's call. 

I'm Brett Arseneault and my Abraham is photography but more notably, placing my images on these Keepsakes. The 70 Collections include my own personal images and it's likely you'll find something that provides a good memory for you. 

While I have many images, we can think bigger. How? Visit the "AAA Coasters" Collection where you can provide me with YOUR images and let's make a Keepsake guaranteed to provide that fond memory.  A true Keepsake is your parent or grandparent and their images saved forever for their grandchild. Or that grandchild saved forever for their grandparent.  Images of soldiers and sailors, horses and barns, homes and farmsteads . . . all are meaningful so send them and I'll put my eye to work.

All tiles are porcelain so strong and durable . . . they handle moisture or heat without a problem. 

So put them on display then put them to work!  I think you'll find they add something special and unique to your space.