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Functional Art. You likely have an image of something useful that is also pleasing to the eye . . . something practical and artistic.

Tuscany.  Your mind is drawn to that extraordinary region of Italy that has an immense cultural and artistic heritage . . . a heritage expressed in the region's churches, palaces, art galleries, museums, villages and piazzas.  Florence may come to mind, or Siena.

Abraham Adams has brought that culture here with stone shipped from that culturally-rich region with the end-destination being your hands to use, display or perhaps give as a gift to friends and family.  The porcelain is durable, hand-chiseled and substantial, as you can see above in our slide showcase. Will it take moisture?  Yes, and because the image is burned in, moisture is not a problem.  Just wipe it off.  Heat?  Not an issue either. 

Now the spirit of this exceptional area can be part of your home and we're here to create functional art with your favorite image . . . or ours, your choice.  We're here to create your own personal art gallery and, when these pieces of art are put to work, the cork backing provides the highest level of furniture protection.

You'll not only have a piece of Tuscany, you'll have art that is useful and a Keepsake!  We encourage you to send us current digital photos (simply attach your .jpg image in an e-mail to brett@abrahamadams.com) but strongly encourage you to find those special physical photographs from your own unique, personal family history.  We'll scan them without changing the integrity of the photo . . . but we'll work the digital version to eliminate distractions.  We'll send you a digital proof for your approval and in the end you'll have a unique gift found no place else but in your hands to use, display or give away!

In the mean time search our inventory of images by browsing the Collections (Look up: see "Shop"); you're sure to find an image that fills the need and honors the occasion. 

So whether it's your image or ours, color or black & white or sepia or some combination of all . . . we love what we do: starting with a stone from a special region and converting it to functional art . . . Keepsake Art!