New Salem - Tavern

New Salem - Tavern

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Volumes have already been written about this special man but if you're wondering where the name "Abraham Adams" comes from, Abraham is Abraham Lincoln and Adams is Ansel Adams.  This artist can't add more to those volumes but he can honor him by using his first name and honor him further with these images. 

Near Petersburg, Illinois is a special tribute to Mr. Lincoln's early years (1831-1837).  Here, he made his way as a store-keep, although this venture failed.  Surveyor, postmaster . . . soldier in the Black Hawk War . . . boatman . . . all these experiences helped form him into our 16th President.

Although taverns and the temptation existed, Mr. Lincoln didn't partake.  When he heard he had won the nomination to the presidency?  He raised a glass of water with those that delivered the news.

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